Libby Brouwer

Connecting the Living and the Dead


Boardroom Psychic

Companies & Organizations

I channel the dead so that they can collaborate with you. Imagine having access to the greatest minds of all time — we do. The dead are keenly interested in the brilliance of the living and are eager to expand our visions, direct our paths, and pull strings to help things fall into place. I convey their messages in order to facilitate their involvement and communicate their insights. See what the dead have to share with you.

Interpreter for the Dead

Television & Film

As one who speaks with the dead, it’s important to me that we get their stories right. That means depicting them on screen as accurately as possible. I consult on movies and television to help craft an authentic representation of ghosts, psychics, and mediumship. I channel those portrayed in biopics to provide their insights into their lives and mannerisms.

Personal Readings


I offer private readings as my schedule allows. During our time together, I invite in the information and messages that will most serve you in the moment. To get a feel for what a reading with me entails, I please watch My Reading Style.

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Channeled Videos

Speaking of Energy

Psychic Potpourri

Moon Readings

Each of us falls somewhere on the psychic continuum and has the ability to tune into the guidance of our intuition. In my videos, I share the knowledge, experiences, and truths that I’ve learned throughout my journey. No matter where we our in our psychic development, there are always insights to be gained as personal and collective consciousness expands. I invite you to see what rings true for you.

Adventures Abound